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MiaRec Agent Evaluation allows contact center managers to monitor and measure the performance of individual agents in a contact center.

MiaRec supports both manual and automated Quality Assurance (QA).

Manual QA

With manual QA, supervisors listen to a random sample of calls and evaluate them according to a predefined scorecard.

The goal here would be to look for coachable moments and find areas where agents can improve.

A typical scorecard consists of several sections, like "Greeting", "Verification", "Problem resolution", etc. Each section includes questions or metrics that are evaluated by the supervisor.

A sample scorecard is shown in the table below.

Section Questions
Greeting Did the agent say "Thank you for calling"?
Did the agent mention his/her name?
Did the agent mention the company name?
If the call was transferred, did the agent adapt the greeting accordingly?
Verification Did the agent ask for the caller's name?
Did the agent ask for the caller's account number?
Understanding the problem/issues Did the agent identify the customer's needs by active listening?
Did the agent fully understand the request?
Did the agent repeat back to the customer what their query or problem was?
Did the agent show empathy to the customer's problem and reassure the customer?
How well did the agent determine the problem/complaint and select the appropriate response?
Hold/mute/transfer Did the agent inform the caller of the reason for the hold/transfer?
Did the agent thank the caller for holding on return?
Did the agent provide the name of the person or the department in case of transfer?
Problem resolution Was the problem resolved in the first call?
Did the agent describe clearly the resolution?
Closing Did the agent offer to transfer to a customer satisfaction survey?
Did the agent thank the customer for calling?

Manual QA is essential in monitoring and measuring the quality of customer service in contact centers. But it has its limitations.

A manual QA process is time-consuming. Supervisors are able to listen to only a fraction of calls when evaluating an agent – leasing to a less than accurate picture of the agent's performance.

Even worse, it can skew the evaluation of an employee if a supervisor only listens to a few bad calls.

Automated QA

Automated QA process uses speech analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically score every agent interaction, providing a fuller and unbiased evaluation of agent performance.

By capturing, transcribing, and analyzing 100% of interactions, the MiaRec platform vastly increases insight into agent performance and offers a wealth of actionable information for call center improvement - while dramatically reducing the effort required of call center supervisors.

Despite the obvious benefits of automated QA, it should not be viewed as a complete replacement of the manual QA process. The best approach is to integrate both manual and automated scoring into QA process.

Evaluation forms are completely customizable and configurable. An administrator or manager can create different forms for each department, like Sales, Customer Service or Technical Support. Use Evaluation Form Designer to develop the questions and their answers.

For details, see Evaluation Form Designer.