Quick search


Quick search options are the easiest way to locate call recordings by applying the search criteria in the Quick Search panel on the Recordings page.
The panel includes the most frequently used search criteria:
  • Date Range
  • User or Group
  • Text

Quick search by date range

This search option lets you find call recordings created within a specific range of dates.
To search the recordings by date range, click the Select a Date Range field and choose from one of the available options:
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • Date Range
If you choose the Date Range option, you can specify the start and end dates from two popup calendars.

Quick search by user or group

To search the recordings by user or group, click the Select a User or Group field, and then choose the target user or group (highlighted in bold) from the list.
The drop-down list includes an inline search box, which you can use to quickly locate the user or group in the long list.

Quick search by text

The Search for text field lets you apply the "free text" seach criterion. This is very helpful if you are sure the text you specify will match the caller/called party name, phone number or the call note.
The search results will be highligted as shown on the screenshot below.
The "free-text" search supports the following call attributes:
  • Caller and called-party phone number,
  • Caller and called-party name as provided by the phone system,
  • Original caller number, if available,
  • Originally dialed digits, if available,
  • Custom fields, when “Free Text Search” option is enabled for the relevant custom field,
  • Call notes.

Reset search criteria

To reset search criteria, click the Search button and then select Reset search.