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Trend analysis

Trend analysis for all topics

Users can easily review trends of call value per topic over certain period of time. For instance, MiaRec can show end users if there was any change in call volumes for any topic.

Navigate to Speech Analytics > Trend Analysis to see trends for topics in your contact center for a specified period of time.

You choose a different period for analysis by changing a date range in search panel and clicking Search button.

In Trend Analysis page, you can see:

  • Total number of calls for each topic for a whole period (column Total Calls)
  • A trend diagram, displaying a change in call volume over the last 7 trend periods (column Trends). You can choose a different Trend Period in search panel (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year).

Trend Analysis

You can can narrow-down search to focus on particular calls, like shown in the following screenshot:

Narrow-down search

By default, topics on Trend Analysis page is ordered by Total Calls, with topics with highest number of calls shown at the top. You can change the order by clicking Order By select box in the bottom of table:

Order By

Trend analysis for individual topic

Click View link for a topic to see metrics for this topic only. The following screenshot demonstrates metrics for topic Subsequent (repeated) calls.

On this page, you can see:

  • A chart, displaying trends of topics over the selected period of time. You can change a period of time in the search panel and click Search button to re-calculate trends.
  • Various metrics, like minimum, maximum and average calls per period, total/min/max/avg keywords etc.
  • A list of keywords in the topic. Each keywords shows a numeric value, representing how many times it was spotted in calls for this period of time.

Subsequent (repeated) calls

At the bottom of this page, you can see call recordings matching the search criteria:

Matched Calls

You can narrow down search by selecting criteria in the search panel and clicking Search button. For example, you can choose Group, Call duration, Call direction and other attributes to filter data.

Narrow-down search