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Troubleshooting on client side

Enable logging for service application

By default, client application doesn’t write logs. Navigate to INSTALL-FOLDER\Bin and edit file MiaRecScreenRecorder.ini Change Enable to 1 in the section [Trace]:


Restart service MiaRec Screen Recorder.

Once enabled, the logs are written into INSTALL-FOLDER\Data\log\trace.log file. Optionally, you can change a location of log file by editing File parameter in the INI file.

Enable logging for service application

The video files are stored temporary in directory INSTALL-FOLDER\Data\Recordings. The client application automatically uploads the recorded files to the central storage server after call completion. Once uploaded, the files are removed from local storage. You can verify if any of files are recorded by the client but not uploaded yet.

Temporary Directory

Enable logging for desktop capturing process

To enable logging for the capturing process, first create new directory on computer where non-privileged users can write files. It should be outside of C:\Program Files. For example, create directory C:\MiaRecLogs

Then, navigate to INSTALL-FOLDER\Bin and edit file MiaRecScreenRecorder.ini

Under section [Recording] edit the parameter CaptureProcessArgs. Change it to:

CaptureProcessArgs = -ttttt -o C:\MiaRecLogs\ScreenRecDesktop.log

Note, the directory C:\MiaRecLogs should exists and it should be writteable by non-privileged users.